Everything To Know About Disney Streaming Service

If you want to know everything about Disney streaming service, here is the right path to start with. Disney streaming service is well build now. It uses a large and heavy properties such as Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars. On streaming market, Disney keep updating its content with everything new and interesting on the platform. There are a large number of new movies and originals you can mark on your calendar for your entertainment schedule.

Todays, Disney streaming service comes with the catalogue of solid library that offers a wide selection of options ranging from brilliant musical Hamilton to the live-action Mulan. In this case, you will typically be charged for extra $29.99. If you are willing to wait till December, you will get them free without any additional cost to subscribers.

The existence of streaming services depend on the new content. In this regards, Disney is taking on shows based in the world of Marvel and Star Wars. Up to December 18, The Mandalorian season 2 has started its new episodes every week while The Falcon and The Winter Solider have been delayed until 2021. There are also many TV shows that come with special excitement. They are all available to provide you with the great content to get excited about.

Specifically, Disney streaming service is available in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Japan and some of European countries. Other areas are just waiting for this streaming service patiently. Luckily, two years after it was released in November 2019, Disney can be found everywhere around the world.

So you are wondering to know more about this service, then we will be coming with the detail information such as prices, movies, shows and etc. Let’s check them all out below and get the detail of Disney streaming service.


How to Sign Up for Disney Plus

Disney Streaming Service

Disney Streaming Service


It is pretty easy to sign up for Disney Plus in three regions including Canada, the UK and the US. You can also simply register for this streaming service in Australia and New Zealand. Just go to the website and direct yourself to find “Sign up” button.


Free Trial Availability

Thanks to the availability of free trial provided by this streaming services. Truly, 7-day trial is available but it is discontinued earlier in 2020. This means that the offering is no more available in 2020. So you cannot get the free trial. If you insist on having this service, you could take a paid version.


The Price of Disney Plus Streaming Service

Disney streaming service offers monthly and yearly subscription tiers. This way, you can be charged $6.99 per month in the US with $69.99 for a year’s subscription. If you choose Disney Plus along with Hulu and ESPN+, you can have it for $12.99 per month. In the UK, Disney Plus can be £5.99 per month or £59.99 per year while in Australia, Disney Plus comes with the cost AU$8.99 per month or $89.99 per year.

For other countries, the price can be either same or different. But one thing to remember is the fact that Disney Plus is notably cheaper than its competitor, Netflix. This way, Disney Plus is $10.99 per month for its Standard Plan while $14.99 for its 4K-equipped Premium tier. Keep in mind that you can get 4K HDR streams for the flat fee.

What about Disney Plus bundle? What is included in it?

Disney Plus bundle includes Disney itself along with Hulu (plus ads) and ESPN+ for only $12.99 per month. This is a very great deal since Hulu offers a wide selection of adult-friendly shows and movies. ESPN+, this way, includes dozens of content. This will save you about $5 per month because Disney Plus cost only $6.99 per month while Hulu costs $5.99 and ESPN+ comes with $4.99.


Disney Plus App and Devices

Disney Plus App and Devices

Disney Plus App and Devices


There are some apps and devices that are all compatible with Disney streaming service. Those are iOS, Android, Apple TV, Fore TV Devices, Roku, Chrombeook or Chromecast, Xbox One, PS4, Nvidia Shield and Smart TV.

Most of Disney Plus apps are downloadable on most of the devices. You can also expect to be able to watch the content on your desktop computer, too. Thanks to the support provided by the Disney Plus app that covers up to four simultaneous streams and ten registered devices so that you can create seven profiles at which the profile can comes with their own Wacth List. Further, you can even download the content of Disney Plus as much as you can do to allow yourself to watch offline. However, to get this, you are required to sign into the app online every 30 days.

Considering that this app comes with the different age-rating for content, you can create a Kid’s Profile and delete the more adult-friendly content such as The Simpsons. Disney Plus also comes with the different hubs for Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic in which the hubs include the major franchise.

In September 2020, Disney Plus is added by the co-watching feature called GroupWatch. It lets you to watch both movie and TV shows with up to six other people with you. In this case, some subscribed members can be invited to synced-up playback experience.


The Verdict

Compared to Netflix, Disney Plus offers more, especially for the fans of Disney. There is no special content for adult like you can find on other streaming services. Well, it is not a big trouble.

It is amazing to know the archive of Disney streaming service. And this is one of the reason why many people subscribe more. In addition, if you have kids living with you, Disney Plus can be a perfect idea.

For the following years, it is crucial for Disney Plus to offer some original shows that are solid yet slow. There will also be the best series coming long after launch. You can even be able to enjoy watching Star War and Marvel shows every a few months. And subscribing is much of essential.

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