Does KissCartoon Still Exist? The Facts you should know

You probably ask yourself does KissCartoon still exist, considering that the site is no longer available. Well, unfortunately, the answer is no. Yes, you probably think that they are going to be back again after several days of inactivity – like they usually did in the past. But to confirm things, no, this time they won’t be back again. And it happens for some reasons, really.


About KissCartoon

What is KissCartoon anyway? If you ask this to anime or cartoon lovers, they will immediately answer that this is a totally handy and functional site. This is the source of their entertainment and happiness. The site is offering free service in streaming cartoons and Japanese anime. You should be able to find different kinds of themes, genres, and categories in the site.

The site is pretty popular – at least, one of the most popular services offering the same service. There are some reasons why people like coming to them. First of all, they are offering a free service. You can watch all kinds of cartoons and anime – without spending a fortune. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Second, they are offering high quality contents. Whereas other sources may offer lousy and low-quality content (because of the free nature), this site doesn’t do such a thing. They offer high-quality contents for free – and people just love it! Third, they also provide the latest release, which means that you can watch the newest release without any subscription.

Fourth, they provide a website with a nice layout and easy maneuverable interface. This is also important because it encourages visitors to enjoy exploring the site. Don’t you hate it when you have difficult times trying to figure out how to find your favorite title? And fifth, they have popular titles such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, and others.


The Real Facts Of KissCartoon

Does KissCartoon Still Exist

Does KissCartoon Still Exist


So, does KissCartoon still exist? With all of those good features and offers, it’s only logical that people LOVE the site and the service would still be around, right? Well, the site shut down in 2017 and it was because copyright infringement. Before the shut down, the site had encountered several issues. It was quite normal for them to be inactive and couldn’t be accessed for several days but then they were back in the business. And then after several weeks of operation, they would be inactive again for several days, and then back in business. The cycle would be the same: active – inactive – active again – inactive again, etc. And then 2017 was their final days. They shut down the whole business and never back again.

A lot of people said that their main issue was about copyright materials. Sure, they were able to give you some of the best entertainment in the anime and cartoon show, but they didn’t do it right. They took the materials illegally and without paying to the rightful owners. And then they distributed those materials for profits. So, it was extremely illegal. It’s quite understandable why they were shut down and never be back to business.


What Happens afterwards?

Those involved in the setup and development of KissCartoon didn’t give up. They tried to get back to the industry under a different name. They created KimCartoon with the same concept as KissCartoon. Fans claimed that they experienced KissCartoon resurrection with KimCartoon as the site offers just the same method and operation (after all, they come from the same source). But after a few months, complains and reports started coming from users.


Unlike KissCartoon, KimCartoon was filled with virus and malware. Not to mention that users had to deal with sketchy pop-ups too. Users also claimed that there are some fakes sites of KimCartoon or KissCartoon that are sketchy, mischievous, and lame. These fake sites are trying to download harmful malware to the users’ computer. The days for KissCartoon were over – users no longer believe in sites with the name. So, if you asked users does KissCartoon still exist back then, their answers would be a no.


Current Situation

So, what about now? Does KissCartoon still exist? The answer is no. The site has been officially shut down and it’s nowhere to find. And to prevent possible errors and issues, DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) has stated that users better stay away from suspicious sites carrying KimCartoon or KissCartoon name. Don’t be easily fooled by the seemingly lucrative offers and promises.


Alternative Sources




If you want to watch cartoons or movies, there are many legal and safe sites to visit. You only need to explore the options. There are some of the reliable and trusted ones.


  • Watch Cartoon Online

If you want to watch anime without having to worry about the legality of the contents, you should go to this site. Not only free, but this site also offers completely legal contents. You should have a blast with their impressive collections – up to hundreds of different anime lists. Popular cartoons can also be found here, such as Clarence Episode, Titans Go, Uncle Granpa, and so much more. However, be advised that this site comes with ads and pop-up ads. This can be super annoying for some people. But then again, it’s a worthy site to visit if you want to watch premium contents without having to pay anything.


  • Go Go Anime

This is another popular site where you can watch both cartoons and anime without a fuss. Most of the animes are dubbed in English, so it should improve your experience. The streaming speed is quite convenient and nice. Once you choose the link, you should be able to stream the show right away without any lag or delay. And the contents are coming in high quality too, so it would be super fun to use the site.


Final Words

There are myriads of alternatives for sites offering free service for cartoon and anime shows. If you want to have a peace of mind, going with the paid service would be better because they are basically legit and you can be sure about the quality. Now that you already know the answer to does KissCartoon still exist, you can start browsing around for other sources.

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