Is Watch Cartoon Online Illegal? The Real Facts

There are many people who wonder is watch cartoon online illegal? Well, to start with, this is basically complicated matter. Copyrighted materials are things that can be complex. And when it comes to copyrighted stuff, different people have different opinions. So, let’s learn about the topic before you surf the net and find the sites offering free streaming service.


The Nature of the Service

As it was mentioned before, different people have different opinions about this matter. For most people, the action of watching or downloading or streaming the cartoon alone is basically harmless. It’s just the same as driving. Nothing wrong or illegal about the ACTION of driving alone, right? But it would be illegal if minors are driving or when you are driving under the influence. It is also wrong and illegal when you drive without a driver license.

The same thing also happens to cartoon watching. The action of watching the cartoon alone isn’t illegal. But when the cartoon is still under active copyright and ownership, then it would be wrong. If you don’t actually have the permission from the rightful owner, then it would be wrong. It’s just like stealing. You are basically robbing the creators’ rights for royalty and such thing alike.

But then again, no one can really blame you for accessing those contents – not when there are online service and providers that provide those contents for free. It basically depends on the website and the service. If the service fully understands that their contents are still under active copyrights and they obtain the contents illegally, then they are fully at fault. After all, they are responsible for posting copyrighted materials within their websites.

But what if they aren’t fully aware about the contents? What if they don’t really know whether the contents are illegal or not? It’s logically impossible. You see, providers like them are fully aware of what they are doing. They are able to differentiate illegal contents from the legal ones. And they definitely know whether they are actually having illegal contents or not. If they aren’t paying, then it is definitely illegal.


What’s Illegal? What’s Not?

Is Watch Cartoon Online Illegal

Is Watch Cartoon Online Illegal


So, is watch cartoon online illegal? It may not be your fault entirely, but you may take part in the illegal actions. Basically, you are an accomplice for the illegal action, especially if you are fully aware of the legal status of the contents (you know that they are pirated materials).

The real issue is: Not all users of the service have this kind of understanding. Many of them don’t even realize that they are actually taking parts in distributing of illegal materials. Many of them don’t really care either. As long as they can get free materials (especially the ones in high and good quality), nothing else matters.

The best move is to understand whether the website is legal or not. If you want to completely be out of trouble, you should only choose the legal ones. Make use of your search engine. There are many legal websites that can give you a great source of entertainment. Websites like Crunchyroll, Netflix, or Funimation are pretty legal. But the problem with these websites is they are offering paid membership. So, is watch cartoon online illegal in these sites? Not at all. But be ready to spend extra for the monthly spending. When you suspect several sites offering illegal contents, here are some of the obvious signs:

They somehow have the latest contents or release and yet you don’t have to pay anything. Is it even logical? Think of services like Netflix, for instance. They are able to deliver latest contents but you will have to pay. Sure, they offer a free trial for a month but you still have to pay afterwards.

The website is somewhat frequently lost or blocked. One time you are able to access it. Another time, it is blocked. And then another time, you are able to access it again. It becomes a repeated cycle – you have on-and-off relationship constantly.


The Lists of Possible Legal Services

Watch Cartoon Online

Watch Cartoon Online


No need to worry, though. As it was mentioned before, there are still many legal websites or providers that can provide legal contents. Read Also: Is KissAnime Illegal And Safe To Watch Anime?


  • EMOL

If you want to watch countless of free animated movies and cartoons, and you can do it with any mobile devices you have, then this site would be the perfect source. Besides watching, you can also download those contents. This is basically a part of Entertainment Magazine providing free contents for publics. In fact, the organization has provided official and legal links of (free) downloads for more than 10 years. They are offering copyright-free sources that won’t give you issue when accessing them. You don’t have to subscribe or even register to get access to the service. So, download or stream the free contents. And they are kid friendly contents that are safe for your kids. You can access the service at


  • Disney Junior

If you are concerned about your kids – and what kind of education they can get online – then this would be the perfect site to visit. You won’t have to pay a dime. And the best thing is: you can always watch those shows with your kids. Why don’t you have fun times together? The site has a very convenient and simple interface. Your kids should be able to choose a particular character to watch the movie together. And the extra perk is that everyone can enjoy downloading the apps, music app, and games. Is watch cartoon online illegal in this site? No, it won’t.


  • Youtube

You probably know it as the site with various contents and videos, but it actually has pretty impressive collections of cartoons on its own. But the cartoons available here can be for kids or for adults, so make sure that you know the category of cartoons that you want to see.

And that you already know about the facts of cartoon streaming services, you should be able to make a wiser decision. And the lists above are only example lists that are available out there. Now that you already know the answer to is watch cartoon online illegal, you should be able to make better decision.

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