8 Methods on How to Get 100k Followers on Instagram

Some people are pretty skeptical to learn how to get 100k followers on Instagram. They mostly think that they need to have Instagram followers hack or such a thing to boost the numbers of followers. Some even believe in shortcuts – such as paying for followers. It means that you basically buy your followers. These are quite common services where you will have to pay for certain packages in return for a certain number of followers.

To get more followers, of course, you must have something unique and different from the others. Actually, to create viral content is easy, you only need to learn the techniques. Suppose making up a weird thing that people are curious about or hate? So they will follow your account and boom! Your account will immediately get more than 100k followers. Here is how we do to get 100k followers on our Instagram account, please try.


8 Methods on How to Get 100k Follower on Instagram

How to Get 100k Follower on Instagram

How to Get 100k Follower on Instagram


1. Have Regular Post

If you want to gain existence in your social media and you want to increase your popularity, then you need to post quite regularly. Those who have gained a level of popularity would post several times a day, usually up to 3 to 4 times a day. You can do it more, but don’t go overboard or it will be too much and Instagram would see your account to post spam.

Posting regularly is one of the best ways to get 100k followers on Instagram. You see, after 24 hours, the posts would be ‘dead’ and you won’t be able to gain more followers. Of course, it would be different if you are smart enough with your hashtags and you can be super specific about your posts. But in general, people may post common and general stuff. You also need to dedicate yourself to your social media management.


2. Un-Private Your Account

If you want to increase followers on your Instagram account, you need to open your account. Make sure to set it to public and not private. Not everyone is happy with having to send a friendship request and then wait for their request to be approved.

In most cases, most people are put off with such a private account unless it is someone they know well. So, if you want to add up your followers, you need to set your account to the public.


3. Follow Back

When someone follows you, there is an unwritten rule about it: You need to follow back. Somehow, it is the courtesy to do so. It’s like a gesture of appreciation. If you have just started out your account, you can do it. But some people may find it overwhelming after their followers have exceeded more than 100k. So, once you have reached that number, you are free to decide whether you want to follow them back or not.


4. Credit, Credit, and Credit

If you find interesting content (photos, videos, etc) and you want to post them on your own feed, make sure that you always credit the rightful owner. When the owner feels grateful, they will likely make comments to say thank you. This is your chance to have a dialog or start a friendship with them. Not to mention that it will expose your account as well as establishing your ‘name’ in a positive way. Having credits to the owner never hurts. And it is one positive way on how to get 100k followers on Instagram. Those who see your contents (including the owners) will see you as this positive figure with respectful approach.


5. Crucial Time of the Day

When you post, you need to consider the right time. If you are thinking of getting likes without your competitors able to get in the way, it would best to be from 10 PM to 3 AM. Not many people would post contents at that time, so you can get as many likes as possible.

However, if you are thinking about adding followers, the time frame would be different. The best time would be between 6 and 7 AM, and between 12 and 1 PM, and at 3.30 PM. It is the time before work, on your way (to office or to school), during lunchtime, and at home. You can post again between 7 and 10 PM. This is another relaxing time at home. If you post your content at this hour, your chances to get more followers would be bigger. But be advised, though, that this time frame is applicable for the local time frame. If you want to expand your presence or your brand’s awareness to an international platform, then you need to experiment with another time frame. It means that you need to do more research.


6. Never Leave Hashtags Behind

Hashtags are definitely your way on how to get 100k followers on Instagram. It runs effectively. It works well. It can ensure your success – if you do it right. There are several advices saying that you should include only around 11 hashtags and not more than 15. There are also advices saying that you should put the hashtags on a separate different location than your captions.

Basically, you can do whatever you want. Whether it is around 11 hashtags or even more than 15, it is completely up to you. But it is important to include hashtags in your posts – don’t forget that. You can also make use of a special hashtag tool that you can use for this matter. Do your research and find the right tool for your needs. Do you need a paid tool or a free one? Again, it’s completely up to you.


7. Separate Accounts

It would be wise if you can separate your personal account to your business account. Well, if you are focusing on your personal popularity, then you need to decide whether you will only have that particular account or a different one. But the point is that you need to have a separate account. Mixing up accounts would be too confusing and you will have issues managing it.

If you have a business account, stick to the core. Publish things related to the industry, your business, or similar services (or products) to yours. Don’t post anything personally – personal photos are big no-no. If you mix them up, you confuse your audience. After all, the target market would be different, right? So, if you happen to have a personal account but then you are thinking about having a business account (or vice versa), separate them.


8. Follow Celebrities

Follow the celebgram that’s big fans and comment on their accounts that help you to increase your followers. This is a great way and not many people know. You can follow Hollywood artists, influencers, actors or viral artists from Youtube, Tiktok and others. You can also comment unique, humorous and positive to attract followers from celebrity accounts.

Those are some of the information or insight to get 100k followers on Instagram – without cheating, without using any app, and without spending a fortune. Make sure to learn more and do your research on how to get 100k followers on Instagram.

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