7 Effective Ways on How to Get More Likes on Instagram

Do you want to learn how to get more likes on Instagram? If social media is important to you as your means to promote and expand your business, then having followers and likes would be crucial. Aside from the fact that you should consider about having more followers, having the likes can also help.

You see, when your posts have as many likes as you want, your posts would be exposed to the feed – enabling others to see your posts. The more people like your posts, your posts would be listed on the top list of the feeds, increasing your chances to get the acknowledgment and popularity that you want.


7 Effective Ways on How to Get More Likes On Instagram

How to Get More Likes On Instagram

How to Get More Likes On Instagram


Buying? No Need to

You are probably thinking about how to get followers apk, a tool to enable you add followers automatically. But here’s the thing: Adding followers not in an organic and natural way would only lead to short-term success and long-term failure. You may be disappointed after a long while – and your account may be suspended. Buying followers and likes is considered illegal for Instagram.

You can still get free Instagram likes – if you know the appropriate ways and methods. With these organic and natural strategies, you won’t do anything illegal. And you can epect long-term exposure and success.


Choose Images that Truly Work

One way on how to get more likes on Instagram is to learn which images suit your audience’s preference and like. Here are some ways to manage it:

  • If you have the account for quite a while, check back to your old images and see which ones getting more likes.
  • If your account is pretty new or you may not post quite that much, it doesn’t hurt to check your competitors or you idols’ images. It will help you get insights of what the audience want to see.
  • Do your research. Brand or account existence doesn’t happen one night  – it takes time and it does take extra efforts to manage it. Basically, do your research and you should be able to get the hang of it.


You need to understand that there are 2 types of images that are considered crucial, which is design image and photos. If you are sharing photos, make use of the filter or some effects before it is ready for publishment. It adds a sense of artistic flair to the photos. If you are using pre-designed images, you can add overlay texts or other decorative (and interesting) accents to make it more appealing and interesting.

And don’t forget about the function of the contents itself. Useful, educational, meaningful, and entertaining contents will attract more attention and likes.


Call-to Actions

Sometimes, being direct is one way on how to get more likes on Instagram. You basically only need to ask for the likes. You probably have seen posts or images with captions “Please like this if it moves you” or “Please like this post”. Whether you place it on the caption or you have it as  text overlay will help.

Actually, there are several companies that have done this strategy. Foundr is one of them, where they like posting engaging quotes and they ask their followers to like their posts. And such a tactic has been proven to be quite successful.



Another way to ensure your success is to add hashtags in your posts. Not many people understand or realize that hashtags can actually affect your popularity. That’s why hashtags should be included in your how to get more likes on Instagram plan. Hashtags can determine your social media’s presence. It’s a regular of the thumb that most popular brands would have around 11 hashtags in their posts. As they post content, the hashtags would help expanding the presence of your posts in the social media platform. And as the posts are exposed to other users, even those who don’t know you can also like your posts.

However, there are several things to consider. Have 11 hashtags, minimum. And don’t go over 15 or your posts would be considered as spams. You can perform your own search of which (Instagram) hashtags you can use. Learning these things can really help you improve your existence and your popularity.


Make (Posting) Schedules

On the contrary to what people believe, posting contents on your Instagram requires proper scheduling. Making schedules can be really helpful so you know when to post contents regularly. And schedules will make your actions somewhat more traceable and recorded.

According to research, publishing posts can be extremely effective if you know the right time. For instance, the time from 10 PM and 3 AM is considered perfect because it enables the most interaction. According to data, you want the so-called engagement rates. They are higher when competition is quite low. During those hours, not many people would post their contents – leading to fewer competition. You should be able to see that your posts are increasing in attention. But then again, you need to do your own experiment and see which one works well for you.


Experiments, Experiments, and Experiments

Doing your own experiment is crucial. You can get all the theories and information, but you can only test out the right method or tactic if you find those meeting your requirements and needs. Everyone has different situation and condition. You need to find out the right method that works out just perfectly for your condition.


Re-share the Contents

In this modern era, everyone has more than one social media account. If you want to increase your popularity and you want to have a solid media existence, then you need to re-share your contents. We have cross-sharing feature in all social media platforms, so make use of it. When you re-share your contents (from other platforms), people who have seen your posts may be interested to visit your account in Instagram. And there you have it – more likes on your posts.

There are many other ways to increase your likes, but these are the most popular ways on how to get more likes on Instagram naturally or organically.

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