Is KissAnime Illegal And Safe To Watch Anime?

A lot of people have difficult times to answer the question: Is KissAnime illegal? Some say yes, while others say no. If you want to know the real facts, they are basically legal, but they are somewhat illegal too. Confusing, eh? To get to bottom of the issue, let’s clear things up and really understand what’s going on here.


Is KissAnime Illegal And Safe To Watch Anime?




The copyright law isn’t 100% perfect. For those who are always looking for loopholes, there are actually many of them in the regulation. The problem is, only those with bad intentions and good interpretations can really find such loopholes. And KissAnime administrative team seems to be good at it.

You see, redistributing contents are quite legal. There is nothing wrong with it. What’s illegal is to take the contents from the rightful owner and then put them on the site. So, when you take something from other users without asking for permission or without paying anything, and then you post it on your OWN site, then it would be pure wrong and pure illegal. But if a friend of yours is redistributing the content (he post the link on his site, but the content is still in your website), then he isn’t doing anything illegal or wrong. And this is what KissAnime is doing.

If you have used their service, you’d know that they don’t have those contents (the copyrighted materials) within their own website. Instead, they are only posting the links. You will have to click on the link and then you will be taken to another site – where you can finally play the show. This is called a third party link – another link that is connected to the main link. Perse, KissAnime isn’t doing anything illegal in this respect because they don’t host the contents directly on their own site. It’s the third party sites that are doing illegal action of hosting those copyrighted materials.

But what about those third party links? Isn’t it possible that KissAnime also creates those links? It doesn’t matter whoever, owns the links. As long as the contents aren’t found within KissAnime own website, then they can’t be held responsible for piracy. They merely ‘redistributing’ – and according to the law, it isn’t illegal at all. Now, it is up to you and your consciousness to decide is KissAnime illegal or not.


Different Opinions, Different Response

People have different opinions about this matter – and it results in their response. For those who don’t think that KissAnime doing anything illegal, they still stick to the service. After all, they don’t lose anything. They get to watch free content in high quality – and most of the times, they get the most updated and the latest release too. Who doesn’t want that, really?

But those who are opposed to the ethical practice of KissAnime, especially after they find out about the way the administrative team runs the site, they stay away from the site. For them, accessing the contents would be just ethically wrong. And they don’t want to get a service which benefits from other people’s misfortune. For them, getting content illegally is just like stealing – and accessing those stolen materials only makes them feel worse about themselves. So, know that you know the facts about is KissAnime illegal or not, it’s up to you to make a decision. What does your heart tell you?


Best KissAnime Alternatives

Is KissAnime Illegal And Safe

Is KissAnime Illegal And Safe


If you are into anime and cartoon so much, don’t need to worry. KissAnime isn’t the only site offering free (but illegal) content. There are actually plenty of legal, trustworthy, and legit sites out there that can give you the same quality service as KissAnime – and you don’t even have to worry about violating the law.


Anime Toon

This is a perfect site to enjoy your cartoon and anime shows. Not only you are able to enjoy the show online, but there are tons of different options too. You know that some sites only focus on anime only or on cartoons only. But in Anime Toon, they have both options, so you have the flexibility to choose whatever contents you like. If you choose anime, most of them are coming in dubbed content, so you won’t have any issue understanding them. The layout of the site is pretty convenient and easy to maneuver too. There are tons of different genres there, such as Drama, Crime, Comedy, Adventure, Action, and so much more.


Nick Toons

If you want to watch legal cartoons without compromising the quality, this would be the perfect site to check. However, you can only watch only Nick cartoons and not anything else. But you have limitless access to Avatar, Jimmy Neutron, Spongebob, and others without having to worry about violating any legal regulations. The streaming service is flawless – you don’t deal with lag or delay. If you are one of those who previously wonder is KissAnime illegal or not (and you already know the answer), this is one of the best alternatives to visit.


Anime Center

This is one of the best sites to watch anime and cartoons. Not only you can enjoy all of the shows for free, but you can also gain access to the English language. The online system makes it super convenient and easy to access your favorite titles. Most of the movies are coming with subbed or dubbed service. Moreover, the site also includes several mirrors for each episode – just in case the main one doesn’t work well. And all of them are coming in HD quality so you really don’t have to compromise anything. Want to check the latest release? You can also do it on this site. Not to mention that this site also includes a chat box that allows you to connect, communicate, and interact with other users. Won’t it great to engage and interact with other people with similar interests?


Final Words

In the end, the decision to pick the best site offering free service lies in your hand. And with the upcoming fact of is KissAnime illegal or not, you should have no problems making a decision.

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