5 Alternative Digital Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Overlook

Marketing strategies are something that exist so that individual brands can stand out in the market. However, the era in which we live is constantly growing. Many brands, including your competitors, are creating a robust online presence and applying the same marketing techniques you use; therefore, standing out in the market can be challenging.

Some tested and tried digital marketing strategies like hiring an SEO consultancy company for SEO, email marketing, content optimization and outsourced web design for mobile compatibility have proven success in brand recognition and building and many companies, small or big, use these strategies regularly.

However, the results of these techniques may plateau over time, especially if your competitors are also using these. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your digital marketing game and dominate the market altogether, then it’s time to try those digital marketing strategies that are often overlooked but, in reality, are very profitable for your business. So, to make things easier for you, we have made a list of some highly flourishing digital marketing strategies that are often underestimated.


5 Alternative Digital Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Overlook

Alternative Digital Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Overlook


1. Developing A Buyer Persona

Let’s say you are starting your own skincare company that specializes in vegan and organic products. So, how you will promote your products? What imagery and message will you use? On which platform you will advertise your products? You will be able to answer these questions quickly if you build your brand’s buyer’s persona.

In short, a buyer’s persona is a profile that is based on research conducted on your targeted customers and audiences, which describes their pain points, problems, demographics, preferences and buying behavior.

A buyer persona helps you gain access to your customers’ mindset and determine what they expect from your brand and what you can provide them.

With a buyer persona backing you up, you can easily create tailored marketing campaigns that appeal to your targeted clients rather than creating a generic marketing strategy.


2. Launching A Native Advertising:

Have you ever stumbled upon the “you also might like” blog post links at the bottom while reading the articles? Typically, these suggested blog posts are from the same website. However, you may also have noticed that sometimes the suggested blogs are from another sponsored site. These are native ads, which is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website’s targeted blog posts without resorting to inquisitive banner ads.

Native advertisement is a compensated method of marketing using ads that integrated seamlessly into the website’s layout where they appear.

As compared to conventional display ads, native ads are visually more engaging. So, create comprehensive campaigns and start utilizing native ads to reach your goals for your business.


3. Making Connections Through LinkedIn:

Another digital marketing strategy overlooked but should be tried once is making connections through LinkedIn. It is a hub for professionals of different career fields where you can easily create meaningful connections. Through your LinkedIn profile, you can follow relevant people related to your field and publish blog posts related to your area of expertise.

Furthermore, other users can also follow your account and read your bizarre and recent insights. Through your blog posts on LinkedIn, you can also raise awareness for your products and brand, gain visibility among people and generate leads.

Some other websites like medium and growth hackers apart from LinkedIn allow you to spread your content to a broader audience.


4. Marketing Through Videos

Marketing Through Videos


The effectiveness and significance of video marketing cannot be overstated. Video marketing is another powerful but overlooked digital marketing strategy. Through explainer videos, testimonials and behind the scenes footage, your audience obtains more knowledge about your brand. As a result, they start trusting you better, making them more likely to purchase your services or product.

Today, the usage rate of video marketing is 85%, as most of the brands use it. Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, creating and sharing engaging video content is very easy.

As the popularity of video marketing is only going to grow further, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance to increase your brand s popularity through this. So, now is an excellent time to implement this overlooked strategy.


5. Getting Traffic from Quora

Did you know that approximately 300 million active users use Quora daily, making this straightforward question-answer website a top-rated platform for marketing for many companies?

From asking a personal question from users and getting answered by other users, you will now see people asking for tips and reviews regarding brands and products. It gives you a huge marketing potential, mainly if you write engaging content, insert relevant keywords that link to your site and answers the users concisely.



Keep in mind that innovation is crucial if you need your business to be successful. So, even though you can stick to traditional digital marketing strategies for your brand, the above mentioned overlooked but effective strategies are worth trying. So, make sure to implement these strategies and make your business a success.


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