4 Best Free Movie Apps for Firestick

Feeling bored with your paid apps while you want to have more entertainment? Here is a list of free movie apps for Firestick to let you stream your favorite movies and shows. Nowadays, it is just easy to access the content online through the internet. In this case, Firestick uses the data to deliver digital content into television. Thus, you can be able to play video games using the remote, mobile app, or even an alternative game controller. Dealing with this, there are two products available with Fire OS, Fire TV, Firestcik, and a set-top box. In this case, Firestick is an HDMI plug-in stick. By the way, the two products are similar in functions.

Basically, Firestick TV works on Fire OS which is a forked version of Android developed by Amazon. Firestick allows you to install a number of 3rd party apps by sideloading the app. In this relation, we are going to share with you the free movie apps for Firestick to let you download and watch the best movies and TV shows.


4 Free Movie Apps for Firestick In 2021 Streaming Apps (Movies & TV Shows)


1. ShowBox




In the list of free movie apps, ShowBox is considered the most popular online streaming app along with smooth UI and easy navigation feature. ShowBox is popularly called SB. It is also popular for its rich features offered for free. Further, this app has also a library of movies, music and TV shows that are all updated regularly. In this case, the various torrent clients and sites are indexed by the ShowBox HD to stream any content freely. Other great thing is that this app comes with the big contents of movies and TV shows using no account and no annoying ads.

There are some great features offered by ShowBox. First, it is an app that requires no login account. Second, you will see no annoying ads. Next, this free movie app supports HD quality to allow you to view all other resolution. Subtitles are also available to provide you with a greater experience along with the multi filters for movies by genre, rating, year and type. Moreover, the interface is pretty easy to use. Last, your favorite movies can even be downloaded and watched later.


2. Tubi TV

Best Free Movie Apps for Firestick

Best Free Movie Apps for Firestick


The second free movie app for Firestick to figure out to have is Tubi TV. Simply and easily, it is available in Google Play Store. This means you can get this app easily if you have already had a smartphone.

Typically, Tubi TV offers a lot of movies and TV shows that you may find them hard to download elsewhere. There are actually thousands of movies and TV shows available for all ages. They can even be downloaded without the need to subse.

To provide the users with the more convenience, Tubi TV offers a big content, ranging from drama, kids, comedy, anime, British series and even Koran Drama. Simply, you can just open the app and enjoy watching what you want.

What else to offer?

Basically, there are some features that make Tubi TV trustable to use. Well, as one of the most recommended free movie app, it supports for not only Xbox but also Roku, smart TV and Chromecast. You can continue watching movies, videos or TV shows though you may turn to the other device. It is also free from any malware and other exploit scripts. It doesn’t stop here. Tubi TV offers legal content along with quick loading and high-quality free streaming. Lastly, it has a large collection of movies and TV shows so you will never get bored to watch anything entertaining yourself.

One thing to note that Tubi TV also comes with a pack of action movies, horror, comedy, Korean drama, documentaries and all other programs.


3. Vudu




What about Vudu? Have you been familiar with it? Vudu is just another free movie aps designed for Firestick. The best thing of Vudu is its offering about the full-feature length movies in 1080p. Accordingly, Vudu is considered as the best option for HD streaming.

Greatly, this app has a crystal clear sound suing Dolby Atmos to support the device. The movies are well-categorized into comedy, crime and suspense, family and kids, action and etc. This is aimed to allow the users to find the movies easily based on the category. Further, the user-friendly and clean interface are also available to make the app accessible for the users.

Thanks to the big selections of content that Vudu app offers. In this case, there are over 1000 free movies with ad available to watch and download on Vudu. This way, you can easily find the movies by the sections of “Movies on Us” and “New Movies”. However, you need a user account to enable you to watch the movie on Vudu. In this case, both the content and the registration are completely free. Believe it or not, Vudu has more than 20,000 programs to offer. Isn’t this amazing?

In short, many people keep using Vudu for its 4K support, Chromecast support, 1000+ free movies, free registration as well as less and short ads.


4. Kodi




The last but not least free movie app for Firestick you may consider is Kodi. It is a free open-sourced media player for online streaming. Kodi helps you to watch a large number of movies. Simply, this app works out by keeping the files as repository. Easily, you just need to download any movies you like in repository files in Kodi and install the add-on. This process takes no more than one minute. Once you are finished with the download, you can definitely watch not only the TV shows but also movies, live TV, songs and much more. For this superior capability, Kodi is called as an entertainment powerhouse.

This kind of app can be your best companion particularly if you are a fanatic movie lover. Just by a simple addition of repository file in the app, you will be able to see some movie titles for free. To learn more about this app, some online tutorials are surely available to help you to maximize the app for your entertainment purposes.

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