How To Reset iPhone XR Correctly and Properly

So, How To Reset iPhone XR? Possessing either a new phone or an old one may arise some problems that require you to reset it. However, sometimes resetting a phone is not as easy as you think of. You must make sure that the way of resetting the phone is safe and will not cause another problem to your phone. If not, data lost may occur and you will feel very sorry about it.

Hence, you need the right trick to reset iPhone XR correctly and properly. In this regards, we are going to come up with the review not only about the way of resetting iPhone XR but also about the facts and cautions of iPhone XR usage.

Now let’s check them all out one by one to get a better understanding.


Facts Of iPhone XR

Either you buy a new iphone or have already an old one, there are some facts that you need to get to know about this type of iPhone. In fact, this device comes with non-removable battery, making the process of the phone restart can be stimulated to make the battery looks full when the device has a low response. This way, there is no clear status whether the phone is frozen or is not powering on.

Rarely, restarting a phone may cause a data loss. Therefore, it is much recommended that you backup your phone. It is not suggested that you restart the phone while the backup is in progress or you are deleting the cached data.

Thirdly, when restarting the iPhone cannot be successfully done by these steps, you may check or contact the Apple Support page.


Caution Of iPhone XR

Before we go further to discuss how to reset iPhone XR, knowing the caution of iPhone XR is much important. In this regards, there are two important things to be aware when you are running iPhone XR.

Firstly, you are facilitated by the allowance to contact the emergency services with the same button combination as a soft reset. Secondly, your iPhone will call the emergency services automatically if you hold the Side button and the Volume button more than 5 seconds. In this case, you need to contact the emergency services for more information.


Method To Reset iPhone XR

Now that you have known about the facts and cautions of iPhone XR, the next thing to necessarily have a look is the ways on how to reset iPhone XR. In this regards, we have selected some preferred method of restarting iPhone, meaning that more and most people prefer using this method in restarting their iPhone. In this case, there are 4 steps to follow to restart the iPhone.

  1. Press and hold the Side button which is located at the top right and press and hold the Volume button as well.
  2. When you see “slide to power off” appearing on the screen, release the button.
  3. The third step, you need to slide the “Power Switch” right to let the device to power off.
  4. The last step is requiring you to press and hold the Side button until you see the logo of your phone. When the logo is fully appearing, you may release the phone. Keep in mind that this step can be done when the phone is powered off.

However if the phone refuses to power-on, you need to partially charge the phone and then retry.


Alternative Method on How To Reset iPhone XR

How To Reset iPhone XR

How To Reset iPhone XR


If it seems that you fail to reset your iPhone XR using the method above, you may probably need an alternate method. In this case, if your phone is running on iOS 13 or higher, it is possible for you to experience a delay before you can turn on the phone after performing an alternative reset.

Here are the alternative method on how to reset iPhone XR you can also try:

  1. If you see your device doesn’t respond, press and release it quickly the volume up button. After that, press and release quickly the volume down button.
  2. To complete the process if restarting your iPhone XR, you are required to press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo appears on the screen of your iPhone.
  3. During the process of the step above, the reboot process usually takes several seconds to complete. However, if your phone cannot turn on through its power, to need to charge the phone partially and let it retry.

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Last Options: Reinstall iOS

When the method and alternative method we have just shared you do not work well to help you reset your iPhone XR, we have still the last options for you to try. Truly, reinstalling the phone’s operating system is best described as the last way to take into account when your iPhone has been messed up and won’t startup anymore.

To reinstall the operating system on your iPhone, you must get it connected to your PC and start iTunes. Then, forcefully restart the iPhone but don’t release the button when the Apple logo comes up. Instead, holding it tightly to see the recovery mode screen. Look at the window in iTunes on your computer to update or restore your iPhone. Directly, click “Update” and iTunes will surely reinstall iOS without losing your data, apps and settings.

Though this is one of the best way on how to reset iPhone XR you can also try, however, there is still possibility that it would not work well. It means you just end up with failure to reset your iPhone. Thus, restoring can be the best option though it will erase all of your data and reinstall iOS. However, it can prompt you to restore a backup in iTunes and iCloud that you have probably created in the past.

Keep in mind that many people take this option to reset their iPhone. This is due to the fact that reinstalling iOS can refresh some software on your iPhone so that you can use them well in the future.

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