Why Is My Face ID Not Working? Find Out The Answer!

Why is my face ID not working? This is a typical question that iPhone users keep questioning when they find Face ID failure. This kind of failure often appears due to the easily-damaged ID that is difficult to repair. If this error deals much with the flex cable, the damaged Face ID might be because of the Flood illuminator/Dot Projector, which is in most case, cannot be fixed.

Today, you will be luckily presented by our article about how to fix Face ID that is not working. To help you get clear information about the way to fix the problem, let’s have a quick read on the following review sections.


Malfunction of Face ID Not Working

When you purchase a new phone and get it started and there are messages notifying you “move iPhone a little lower/higher”, this means that you cannot have your Face ID successfully setup on the phone. So that is the time you need a special tips to fix the Face ID failure.


How To Fix Face ID Not Working

Why Is My Face ID Not Working

Why Is My Face ID Not Working


There are some tips packed into steps by steps to find out the fault and fix it. Never miss any single step in order that you can successfully set up your Face ID.


Testing The Flood Illuminator

Let’s just start with the flood illuminator to fix the problem. This way, everyone needs to know that there are two crucial parts of Face ID relies on the Flood Illuminator support. To carry out this test, the things you should do is to examine the Proximity Sensor and the Ambient Light Sensor. It is aimed to confirm whether or not the Flood Illuminator is working normally.

Try to make a phone call to test if the Proximity Sensor is working. When you are making a call, cover the top parts of the screen using your one hand and see that the screen changes into black immediately. This shows that the Proximity Sensor is normally working as it is supposed to.

Next, you can test the Ambient Light Sensor by setting the screen brightness to the lowest level and hold on the phone in bright light. If the screen is getting brighter, it shows that the Ambient Light Sensor is also normally working.

The result of these two tests simply that the case of Face ID not working is not caused by the flood illuminator.


Testing the Parts of Front Camera

Why is my face ID not working? To find the answer to this question, the second thing you can do is to test the parts of the front camera. Start by opening the camera and swipe to the Portrait Mode. if you find the background is not blurred, it shows that the front camera is abnormal.


Observing The Dot Projector

When you set up your iPhone at Portrait Mode, the flashing red light will not appear on the Dot projector. However, the Dot projector must emit such kind of flashing red in normal status. If this occurs, the Dot projector is not properly working. This is just one of the causes of why the Face ID setup a failure. Unfortunately, this problem cannot be repaired. Read Also: How to Change Location on iPhone


The Top Tips

Why is my face ID not working? There are some of the top tips you can also try to help you fix the problem. Considering that the three parts (infrared camera, dot projector and flood illumination) are connected to the phone, the damage that occurred to one of them can set up a Face ID failure. As we have mentioned above, this kind of failure cannot be fixed well.

Nowadays, Face ID failure is just a common problem in most of the daily repair work. In this case, contacting the technicians is much recommended when there is nothing to deal with the problem. Typically, the technicians will learn the basic knowledge about the iPhone motherboard, master the techniques for iPhone micro-soldering, deeply understand the workflow of the different iPhone circuits, study the screen/back glass refurbishing steps and master the troubleshooting process of different issues on the iPhone.

Well, if you think you can be able to what most technicians do or you have probably had the skills, then why don’t you just try? It can be a great advantage if you can fix all the problems by mastering the skills required.


The Best Solution

My Face ID Not Working

My Face ID Not Working


Why is my face ID not working? Though it seems there is nothing you can do to repair the Face ID failure, there are some solutions that you can keep trying in order to set up your Face ID successfully.


Updating the Phone Software

In most cases, people usually update the phone’s software because software glitch always tends to occur, causing some problem to your iPhone.


Restarting The Phone

You may restart your phone to refresh its operating system. This will actually help you fix the minor software glitches. Restarting a phone can be done by pressing the button “volume up”, releasing it and pressing the “volume down”. You can do this many times and as the final step, you must press the side button and keep holding the button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.


Resetting The Phone to Factory Defaults

If the issue of Face ID not working is still annoying, then you can try to reset the phone to factory default. However, you need to back up your data first before resetting it. So here are the ways to restart the phone.

  • Get your phone connected to the computer using the supplied USB or lightning cable.
  • Open iTunes to the computer and wait for the computer for recognizing your phone.
  • Choose your iPhone from the list that appears.
  • Click the option to back up your phone to iCloud or you can choose the option backup to iTunes on the computer.
  • Click on the “Restore” button to perform the reset action.
  • Wait until iTunes finished downloading and installing the new software on your device.

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