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Tumblr video downloader refers to a free tool widely used for downloading any Tumblr videos, Gif and images through online way. It is an easy tool to help you easily download the Tumblr videos right from the desktop, laptop, Android, tablet or your mobile device. This way, the Tumblr videos can also be downloaded in MP4, 720, 1080 or other format.

Simply to understand, Tumblr video downloader is a perfect place to download and watch videos and audios online. It is also a perfect platform to upload, share and view the videos. Though you are not permitted to download the videos sometimes, however, there are some steps to save the video so that you can save it to watch anytime.

Truly, you don’t have to worry about how to download or save the Tumblr videos right into your device. Follow the instructions we are going to share in this article even without connecting to the internet. This means that once you save the video using the Tumblr video downloader, you will be able to watch the video without internet connection.

In this regards, we are going to particularly talk about the steps to download Tumblr videos and the frequently asked questions related with the Tumblr video downloader.


Steps to Download Tumblr Videos

Tumblr Video Downloader

Tumblr Video Downloader


There are some steps you can follow in order to download the Tumblr videos. Have a quick read on them now if you really want to try:


View Video and Copy the Video URL

Viewing the video and copy the URL is the first step you should carry out to download Tumblr video. In this step, start searching the video you are desiring. Once you find it, copy or cut the URL of the video from the URL box or address box. This can be done by pressing the keystrokes combination that is Ctrl+L on your computer so the URL will be highlighted and you can easily cut or copy the URL by pressing Ctrl+C or Ctrl+X.


Open and Search 9xbuddy & Paste the Video URL

The next step of downloading Tumblr video from the Tumblr video downloader is to open and search 9xbuddy and paste the video URL. You can try this step if you fail the first step. In this case, when you have gotten the URL of the video, all you need to do is to search the 9xbuddy in yahoo/google/bing or any other search engine. Make sure you use the search engine that can easily lead you to the website. in this way, you can type 9xbuddy in the search bar.

Are you finished this step?

When you seem complete this second step, you will see the 9xbuddy homepage in the big rectangular box located below the minions with the caption “Enter the url of the video you want to download”. Later, you are required to paste the URL of the media file in the box. Afterwards, make sure you click on the button of “Download” especially if you use PC or laptop and simple press enter. This is how you complete the second step and ready to move to the third step.


Happy Downloading

The third step to complete downloading Tumblr video is downloading itself. This is also the final step that you don’t necessarily complete since everything should be processed in the background.

In this case, when you are finished pasting and clicking on the download button, you need actually a few second to extract the link of the download on media files from the URL you have just paste. When the process of extraction is completed and the final extracted links are generated, there will be various file media format and quality sizes. This way, you are recommended choose the one that really needs.

There is also a button “Show Size” to let you to view the file size. This way, you must select the video quality and format. Later, click the download button. This it is. The video starts to be downloaded automatically. After that, you can surely watch it anytime you want.

In short, this is the simplest way of downloading video using the Tumblr video downloader because you don’t have use the software or app or even plug-in. If you think you have successfully download or save the desired video, you can definitely share this simple and quick steps not only with your friends but also with families or relatives.


Though you might have seen the videos online a million times, the videos on Tumblr cannot be downloaded for free. Unless you follow the steps above, you will be able to get the videos for free.

Tumblr itself may be free. However, it doesn’t mean that the content can be downloaded through their website directly. Other way, you can copy the URL and paste it on the Tumblr video downloader in order that you can download the videos.

Truly, just by using the Tumblr video downloader, yiu will be able to save the video and watch it any time without being connected to the internet. This means that you can watch the video offline on Tumblr. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that when you access the Tumblr website to search and save the video, make sure you have a stable internet connection.

So you don’t know yet where to save the video after downloading it from Tumblr? If you are using PC, you will be automatically asked to choose the destination of the video file. Here you can just select where to save your downloaded video.

Meanwhile, if you use a smartphone, you had better check your downloads to see the downloaded video file. Or you can also identify the .mp4 file in your smartphone gallery.

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