How to Screen Share on Discord

Before you learn about how to screen share on Discord, you need to know at least the basic perks of using the feature. Discord is basically a platform for video streaming and conference. Originally, Discord was created by gamers for gamers. The idea was to provide a place for gamers to communicate effectively and efficiently. But over the years, the platform has grown and evolved. Not only the gaming community can take the benefits of the platform, but it can be handy for business too.

Some of the things to like about this app are the free base features. It means that you are able to create an account, build and grow your server, make use of the video chat and voice chat, and use screen share without spending a dime. Of course, feel free to upgrade it to a paid service so you can take the full benefits of the platform. But even if you don’t, you can still enjoy the greatest perks of the platform.


Screen Sharing Benefits

Many people want to learn about how to screen share on Discord because of its benefits. They are:

  • Improvement on productivity, especially during meetings. Screen sharing makes everything somewhat more efficient. Communication is made easier. You don’t have to send out (PowerPoint) presentations or files and expect everyone to download them, screen sharing allows you to present those files or presentations right away.
  • Better technical support receive. This is also handy when you have to contact technical support. Instead of calling them and then describing the glitches to them, you only need to share the screen so the IT tech can see the problems on their own. It definitely makes everything easier.
  • Pitch strengthening – especially for clients. When you have important meetings with important clients, having screen sharing is definitely handy. Instead of sending them images or pictures that they may not understand, you can immediately show them how it works, how to manage it, and such thing alike. Trust me, you will look super reliable and professional. Clients will have deeper trust level for both you and your products.

Camera or Video Setting

How to Screen Share on Discord

How to Screen Share on Discord


When you want to learn about how to screen share on Discord, you need to set the audio and video hardware. Be aware that the screen sharing ability won’t be accessible for mobile apps. It means you will have to use the web to use this feature. Read Also: How to Delete Discord Messages


Here are the steps to do it:

  • Choose ‘Settings’ in your Discord app. In case you don’t know it, it is the cog icon located next to your username. You should find it on the left lower section of the interface
  • Go with App ‘Settings’. And then pick ‘Voice and Video’
  • In the Video Settings section, scroll the drop-down feature. And choose your own video camera. If you want to, there is an option ‘Test Video’. You can use it if you want to ensure that the system works well.


If you use the browser app (not the standalone type), then you have to do this enable camera access. It will improve your success in using the device. There is a popup window that appears on your screen. Simply press the button ‘Allow’ for access confirmation. Discord needs your permission to access the computer’s mic as well as camera. If your browser doesn’t display the popup, then you need to refresh it again.


Add Friends

When you want to start out a video call, you can only do it with people in the Friends list. If you haven’t been friends in Discord, then you won’t be able to share screen with them – it’s that simple. Read Also: 7 Things to Do when Discord Update Failed


Here are the steps to do so:

  • Go to Homepage section
  • Click on ‘Friends’ to access your Friends List
  • You can click the username. Another way is to hover over the area of their name. It will activate a display menu with the option ‘Begin a Video Call’
  • If you don’t pick the hovering method, do this method: Click the friend’s name. It will open a DM between you and them. Above the window, there is an option ‘Begin a Video Call’
  • In the event you are using Android or iOS client, you can start (the video call) by click on the triple dot icon (which is located on the top right side of the screen). Then choose Start Video Call.


Using Video Call and Screen Share

Learning other features, aside from how to screen share on Discord, is important. When the video call starts, there are some features that you can do:

  • Expanding Down Arrow

In the left side, you should see a special icon ‘Expand Down’ arrow. When you use the video call, clicking on it will help you expand the video screen to reach the maximum height (that you have set)

  • Swap Video to Screen Share

There 2 icons on the bottom that enable you to swap the video call to screen share. Most people are familiar with Video Call option. But if you aren’t too familiar with Screen Share icon, it is the one displaying monitor screen and an arrow right in the center

  • Leave the Call Button

As the name suggests, you will leave the call when you press it. Try not to push it, even accidentally, when you are making a call.


Create a Server

When you want to screen share, you will have to create or join a server. Servers have channels – some are text channels (for texting or typing) and voice channels (for live video or live talking). Each server has its own several channels. Each channel can be for different topics. Each of those channels has their own rules and regulations. If you make use of this, you can easily split and manage your teams based on project, department, or others.


Here are the steps:

  • To create a server (or join it), you only need to click the button ‘+’ located on the left upper corner. It should be below Discord logo.
  • You will see a popup that prompt you to either join a server or create one. Choose one of them.
  • Let’s say that you want to create, go with the option ‘Create a Server’. Then you will have to name it
  • When you have come up with the name, and then click Create


Those are the things you should manage when using Discord. Once you know how to screen share on Discord, you should be able to manage it.

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