Complete Guide to Google Books Downloader

If you are asking yourself whether Google books downloader is completely safe to use, then make sure you really understand its functions and benefits. People today are more used to the electronic book (or usually called as ebook) format because it is completely different from the regular books. You won’t have to worry about keeping those books on a shelf and protect them from dust or water.

You can carry hundreds of titles without adding extra baggage to your bag. Yes, with the ebooks, you simply carry your device around – storing hundreds of titles conveniently. And you are able to use those devices to read your favorite titles. That’s why ebooks today are highly popular.


About Google Books Downloader

Google has announced their Google Books service – which has just been launched just recently. Through this service, you should be able to download or buy books with this service. It gives you a world-wide access with flexible arrangement. Whether you want to access the free books by downloading it or you want to buy those books, you can easily access it quite comfortably. Unfortunately, Google Books is only available in US only.


Functions and Use

The idea of the project is to provide (and offer) users with their own personal bookshelf. And for the books alone, they can be read by using a (desktop) browser (after you have downloaded or bought it). You can also use your mobile device to read the files. Whether it is iOS system or Android, you should be able to conveniently read the files.

Besides those systems, these books can be accessible and read with an e-reader – as long as it comes packing with Adobe Digital Editions. The Google books downloader can be handy as it helps you save books in various formats, including png, jpeg, and pdf. But keep in mind that the system can only support books that have been marked as full view. So you may want to remember that.


Accessing the Functions

Google Books Downloader

Google Books Downloader


So, Google books downloader would basically convert (Google) books to pdf format (or other types of image formats) for the sake of online reading. It doesn’t have in-app of Google Book store, but you do find several features and options available there. You only need to provide the link (of the book you want to download) and that’s it.

Some of the main benefits include easy usage. The app is completely a no-brainer. In fact, the most difficult part is to get the right URL of the books. Moreover, the download speed is quite fast. For instance, if you want to download a book with 220 pages, it takes around 3 minutes – not more than 4 minutes. And it already includes the whole process, from downloading it, converting it, and then saving it to the desktop.

Moreover, the included features are handy and useful. Things like output directory, output format, and image resolution are quite functional and useful. It can convert and produce pdf books, along with png or jpeg images with quite satisfying resolution – up to 1280 pixels.

However, it is still unclear whether the app is legal or not. You see, Google delivers their books with DRM. You need to have the right software that is approved by Google to read those books. This app, however, ‘bypass’ the restrictions. In some grounds, it can be considered illegal or some sort.


User Reviews

A lot of users claim that this app makes it convenient for them to read the books they like. Not all of them are happy using the web browser, so having this app is really bringing out a new sense of convenience. If you like freebies, then you would love it as this app is completely free. With the combination of free access, easy use, and convenient functionality, it is not hard to see why a lot of users just love using this app. However, if you don’t feel like using it because of the ‘shaky’ illegality issue, then you should be able to find out downloader, such as Kindle, Calibre, Goo Reader, or Mobi File Reader.


Some Other Options and Alternatives

Windows Google Books Downloader

Windows Google Books Downloader


There are several downloaders that are designed for different operating systems. Keep in mind that besides the Google books downloader, there are also other programs to download the books. Those programs are designed for different operating system, so don’t try to mix them up. It would be foolish to use Mac downloader for your Windows or use Windows downloader for your Macintosh. So, what are they?


  • Windows Google Books Downloader

This downloader can save the books in jpeg, png, or pdf format. The size itself is pretty small, only 590 kb. The available version is 2.7 and it is compatible with Windows Vista, Winsows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.


  • Mac Google Books Downloader (especially for Macintosh)

If you want to save the downloaded book in your Mac, use this software. It will enable png format for the files. The size of the software is 5 MB and it is on 1.0 version. It is compatible with Lion 10.7 (or higher) and Snow Leopard 10.6 (or higher). If you follow the instructions, you won’t get wrong with it.


  • Android Books Downloader

The software comes with its green Android icon. It saves pdf format for Android devices. The size is pretty small, only 1.34 MB and it comes in 1.2 version. As long as your Android operating system is at least 2.2 (which means that higher version is absolutely acceptable), you should be able to use this software without any complication.

Be advised to activate Unknown Source in your device. Go to Settings and make adjustment before you install the software. If you don’t activate it, your device’s system won’t allow direct installation of the software. So, make sure to check this first.


  • Adobe reader XI for Windows

This is the software allowing you to view and even print pdf files quite easily and conveniently. It is now available at the latest version. The software is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and also Windows 10.


Final Words

Now that you already know the facts about the downloader and its mechanism – along with other possible options, you can make a better decision. Do you still go with Google books downloader or others?

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