How to Clear Discord Chat History

Do you know how to clear Discord chat? Before learning the tips and tricks, you really need to know what Discord is, the functions, and the benefits. Discord is a communication platform that was originally designed for the gaming community. With it, gamers could communicate with one another directly. They can exchange text, video, or voice. They can also join servers. This is a common practice when bigger communities want to interact with one another.

Unlike PlayStation Network or Xbox Live,Discord isn’t exclusive to a particular system. It isn’t locked to a system either. And since it isn’t locked to any game console, the game is considered one of the best communication platforms for non-gaming use. You should be able to talk to classmates or family – just like other existing messaging platforms or apps.


Joining Discord

You can join Discord by downloading the free app or using the desktop browser. Simply search a server, accept the invitation, and join the server. You are also able to create your own. A server is basically consisting of channels. Members are able to communicate through these channels by sending (and receiving videos, voice, or texts.

How to Clear Discord Chat History

How to Clear Discord Chat History

One user is okay to join various servers – up to 100. And then you can easily adjust your setting – related to which server can give you the notification and which can’t. You can even create different nicknames for every server.


Deleting Direct Messages

If you want to know how to clear Discord chat from the Direct Messages, you should close the chat panel. Another method is to delete that particular message so it will go away from your (Discord) history. And how are you going to manage it?

  • Choose the user (the one exchanging messages with you through DM) and then go with the option ‘Message’
  • When you go to Direct Message, you will see a panel located on the left side. Hover around the conversation. When there is X appearing, click on it.

Be advised, though, that this feature doesn’t come with a confirmation window or dialog. So, be careful when you have to click the X. You don’t want to make a wrong move during clicking – and end up removing the messages that you actually want to keep.


Deleting Channel Messages with Manual Way

There are several ways on how to clear Discord chat within the Channel Messages. One of them is with the manual system. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Open the (text) channel containing the message you want to get rid of
  • Hover over that particular message. You should see an icon (three dots) appearing on the (far) right. Click on it and you should be able to see Delete menu.
  • Once you click on Delete, a pop-up window will appear. It asks for your confirmation. Go with Delete.
  • All done!

This method is perfect for removing only several messages. But if you have to remove a huge number of test messages, this method won’t be the perfect option.


Deleting Channel Messages with Discord Bot

This method is suitable for removing and eliminating bulk messages. There are actually many types of bots for this action, but there are some that are the most favorite amongst the others. It includes MEE6 bot, which is claimed to deliver the job quite perfectly.

For this bot to work perfectly, you need to install it. You only need to log into your Discord account and follow these steps on how to clear Discord chat:


  • Go to MEE6 site
  • Choose the option “Add to Discord”
  • Choose the right server
  • Choose the option “Continue” (it is on the popup window) so your Discord server can be connected to the bot
  • MEE6 needs your permission to delete the messages. Go with the option ‘Authorize’
  • You may be asked to perform user verification by doing captcha authentication
  • Your MEE6 has been installed. Now you can perform several actions with it.


If you want to delete the messages, you can do these:

  • ‘!clear @username’ so you can remove the specific 100 messages
  • !clear 500 to remove the last 500 (messages) within the channel

Feel free to change the number, depending on how many deleted messages you want to have, such as 200, 400 – it is up to 1,000. This is so far the best and also the fastest way to delete bulk messages so you don’t have to do it one by one.


Deleting Messages by Cloning the Channel

This is often considered the final resort if all methods don’t work. You need to close the channel. It basically creates a new copy from the existing one – without the old message history being included. The steps are:

  • Go to the channel that you intend to clone. Then right click on it. Go with ‘Clone Channel’ option
  • On the cloned channel, rename it with whatever title you want
  • Delete the old one.
  • Open the (new) cloned channel. Add any bots that you prefer


When you clone a channel, you will add users from the previous one. It also includes recreating everyone permission. This is generally easier than making a new channel from the very beginning. With the old channel goes away, the new one comes with the similar setting.


Common Q & A

If you delete your account, the messages will automatically be gone too.

If you are the owners of the server or you are the admin, then you can delete other users’ messages. But if you aren’t either, then you won’t be able to do so.


Conclusive Thoughts

It may take time to get used to the service, but it doesn’t hurt to try. And using the service can be quite beneficial too. Now that you already know how to clear Discord chat, managing the service won’t be difficult anymore.


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