Things to Do when Discord Update Failed

Discord is a convenient platform to communicate, but it is pretty common for users to encounter issues, including Discord update failed. When the app is somehow stuck within the loop, it can be problem – sometimes giving you a serious headache. In most cases, the app experiences a bug which is responsible for this issue. So, in the event it happens to you, what should you do?


First Thing First

The first thing that you need to do when Discord update failed is not to be panicky. And then the second thing you need to do is:

  • Restart the router. This is the easiest way. You need to switch your connection or restart the router
  • Restart the computer. Whether you are using a laptop or a PC, you need to try restarting it.

If there is no problem or whatsoever, this way alone would fix the issue. But if this doesn’t work, then you can try the next methods.


Reasons for the Failed Update

Discord Update Failed

Discord Update Failed


Here are some of the most common reasons for the failed update:

  • There is somehow a lack of privilege at administrator level – which results in the improper update installation
  • There is a network glitch. It leads to incomplete download updates. And the failure finally results in a confusing loop
  • And as it was mentioned before, it is possible that there is a crash within the system. Some systems can’t handle the newest updates which lead to them crashing to one another. If this happens to your mobile devices, no wonder if your Discord won’t update at all.


Quick Hack

Before going to the following solutions, there are some quick ways that you can do:

  • Once you encounter the Update Failed notification, try to restart your device first. This is especially handy for devices with Windows or macOS system. These are the systems that are commonly having glitches issues. Once the glitches happen, you can basically sort it out by restarting the device
  • Another way that you can do is to reboot your WiFi. It is related to the internet connection. As it was mentioned before, poor internet connection may lead to incomplete download and update. So, you can either find a better network or you reboot the WiFi connection.


Reinstall Discord

discord update failed retrying

discord update failed retrying


If the previous way doesn’t work, you can always reinstall Discord. But you need to delete AppData contents first. Many users claim that this method alone manages to deal with the issue with Discord update failed.

The idea is that some of the features within the app may crash (because of the many updates) between one another. The better way is to uninstall the app and then download a newer version. The steps are:

  • Open Task Manager. Choose ‘End’ for all the tasks related to the app Discord
  • Press Windows and R buttons together. You should see command box Run appearing on the screen
  • Type in ‘appwiz.cpl’ within the box and then hit Enter
  • There will be an application manager appears. Search Discord within it
  • Once you have found it, right click on the app Discord and then go with the option ‘Uninstall’
  • Press Windows Key and R together
  • Type in ‘%appdata%’ and Enter. It will show all apps folders containing their own contents, including the cache
  • Find Discord folder. Erase it. What should you do if you can’t find it? It’s likely that the folder is in a hidden state. On the top bar, choose the option ‘View’ and make sure that the option Hidden Items are checked or ticked
  • Now that the app has been uninstalled and removed, you can install the newer version. Find the latest Discord app and install it
  • After the installation is done, restart the computer
  • Open the (Discord) app


Discord Administrator

Another way to deal with Discord update failed is to run the app as the administrator. This method also works when you meet JavaScript Error. For some people, this method works just perfectly. But there are specific methods and steps that you need to do:

  • Open Task Manager. Choose ‘End’ for all of the tasks related to Discord app
  • You need to access the Desktop. Find the shortcut for Discord
  • Once you find Discord icon, right click on it. Then you will see the option ‘Run as Administrator’
  • Once you have seen the option, click on it. Provide the permission
  • Discord app will launch. The update should take place without any further issue anymore


Reinstall Discord

This is basically the alternative solution to the first solution. The idea is that downloading a fresh version may solve the issue. But of course, you need to uninstall the already existing one first. Once you have done it, then you can do these:

  • Go to the official website of Discord. Download the installer
  • Once you have the installer, run it. There will be instructions on your screen. Simply follow them all.


Disable Windows Defender

If you have Windows 10 and your Discord doesn’t want to update, then you may want to disable the Windows Defender. Windows Defender is the security element to get rid of viruses. Sometimes, this security feature may view the update as a threat – and block it from happening. That’s why you need to disable it.


And how are you going to do so?

  • Press the Windows key. Type in Settings and then let it run
  • Choose the option Update and Security
  • Choose Windows Security, and then Virus and Threat protection, and then Manage Settings
  • There is an option for Real-time Protection. Make sure it is off
  • Save the setting and then Exit
  • Install the app (Discord) again


Contact Discord Support

The previous methods are said to resolve the issues quite well. But in case you are still stuck with the problem, then the only thing to do is to contact Discord support. You need to go to the official website and reach out to them. In most cases, you may be asked to submit a ticket.

These are some of the solutions that you can try for your issue. Choose one among these methods to deal with your Discord update failed issue – and see which one suits you the best.

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