How to Delete Discord Messages with Different Methods

In the event that you want to remove private or sensitive messages on Discord, then knowing some alternative and possible ways on how to delete Discord messages can be pretty handy. Unfortunately, not many people are familiar with these ways. Some of them don’t even know how to remove those messages. So, read on to learn more about possible ways in deleting those messages.

Discord is one of the popular messaging platforms. The popularity is similar to those of Messenger (from Facebook) or WhatsApp or others. Originally, the platform was designed for gamers – so they can communicate among gamers. But then again, the popularity is increasing and the platform is now not limited to the gaming community only.


Delete DM History with Hotkeys

This section would talk about various options and alternative way in deleting the messages. In general, the most intuitive and possible way of deleting the message is through these steps:

  • Hover over the message until you see the hamburger icon on the right
  • Click the icon
  • Choose the option ‘Delete’
  • Confirm the process by pressing the button ‘Delete’


Despite the claim as the most intuitive method, this one needs consistent and continuous mouse’s use. For many people, this is considered ineffective as it slows down the whole process. If you want to, you should learn about keyboard command sequence so you are able to imitate the overall procedure. Here is how to delete Discord messages with those keys:

  • Access Discord DM
  • Press the button ‘Up’ one time. It will help you choose the most recent message.
  • And then press the button ‘Up’ again so you can activate the editor
  • Press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘A’ together so you can choose all of the text within the field
  • Press the button ‘Backspace’ so you can delete the text
  • Press ‘Enter’ so you can confirm the editing process
  • Press ‘Enter’ once again so you can confirm the deletion – during the prompt


Despite the seemingly tedious, boring, exhausting, and long process, this one will be faster once you get the hang of it – and you get used to the rhythm. Once you are used to it, deleting each of the messages will take only a while – it’s not more than seconds. Many people say that this method is definitely faster than those using the cursor. Moreover, it is far easier than having to constantly make sure that you have a steady hand to move the cursor around.


How to Delete Discord Messages History by Using the AutoHotkey

How to Delete Discord Messages

How to Delete Discord Messages


This is your chance to use AutoHotkey script, considering that we can delete the messages without the mouse. With the AutoHotkey script, you learn how to delete Discord messages automatically. But be advised that AutoHotkeys can only be done by Windows users. AutoHotkey doesn’t work on macOS.


Basically, you want your script to do these things:

  • A toggle function for turning it off and on
  • The full overall keyboard sequence – with pauses in between (each step)
  • A way or method to load earlier messages continuously


This is an example script:


Toggle := !Toggle


if not Toggle


if WinExist(“ahk_exe discord.exe”)


SendInput {Up}

Sleep 100

SendInput ^a

Sleep 100

SendInput {Backspace}

Sleep 100

SendInput {Enter}

Sleep 100

SendInput {Enter}

Sleep 100

SendInput {WheelUo}

Sleep 200




In this script, the F1 key functions as the toggle to disable or enable the deletion of messages. In order to work, you will have to be within active DM location before you can toggle the script on. The (Sleep) is the pause between the keypress so machines won’t skip a key when they go ahead of themselves. In the event that the script is running, but is somewhat behaving unnaturally, then you should try increasing each Sleep’s value – at around 50


Delete DM History with Bots

You won’t be learning about how to delete Discord messages with bots, but this is only to inform you that such way (using bots to delete messages) is possible.Discord has been stating that using bots has been considered a violation of their terms. It means, that when you are using bots, you are putting your account in a risky position – because you can be terminated from the platform.


However, users who have used bots for ‘positive’ intentions claim that they have never been ‘kicked out’ or banned from Discord. They say, as long as the intention isn’t for harmful, disruptive, or public things, then it should be safe. But then again, no one can guarantee it. If you decide to use bots, you have to do it at your own risk.


Things to Know about Deleting Discord Message

First of all, when you delete messages, you can do it for those you have sent – not the messages sent TO you by other users. When you delete the messages, the deletion will apply to everyone receiving those messages – not limited to you only. So, how do you delete the messages sent to you? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do so. It is the senders who have to delete those messages. And when you delete the messages, the person won’t get any notification or whatsoever about the process. Basically, they won’t know that you have deleted the messages.


In the event you don’t have any option to remove the messages, then what should you do? In general, there are 3 things to do:

  • You simply ignore it
  • You get access to the desktop version so you can delete those messages
  • You try posting in Discord forums. Who knows? Some of the developers may have the answers and they can help you.
  • So, what about deleting photos on DM? For Android device, you can always have a long press. Do it on the time stamp so a menu list will appear. Go with Delete.



Those are the common things related to messages and their arrangements. Feel free to try each of the method. At least you need to choose the most suitable method that goes along with your needs. At least with several methods on how to delete Discord messages, you won’t run out of options.

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