How to Suggest Friends On Facebook

Do you know how to suggest friends on Facebook now that the feature is gone? Back in the days, such a feature existed. With it, you can connect two friends (who are unconnected) so they finally are connected. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop – the feature is gone for good! But no need to worry. When Facebook makes a feature missing, they are replacing it with another feature. You just have to learn how so you can reveal the benefits. Below are some ways to make such a thing possible.


How to Suggest Friends On Facebook

How to Suggest Friends On Facebook

How to Suggest Friends On Facebook


When you use a tablet or a phone to open your Facebook account, you probably want to consider this method. Here are the steps on how to suggest friends on Facebook:

  1. Open your Facebook
  2. Open one of the profiles. Let’s say this is person 1. Simply search for your friend through a search feature. There is a magnifying glass icon on the top corner side.
  3. Click the Friend icon (the blue and white one). It should show a person’s silhouette. If you have hard time finding one, it is on the right side of Message button.
  4. Click on the option Copy Link. This action would copy the profile link. Depending on the type of phone or tablet you use, you may have to click OK so you can move forward
  5. Now, go to another person’s profile – which means this is person 2. Since you already have the person’s 1 link, you are able to send it to person 2 in the message. Note that this method is also applicable in other messaging apps or through email.
  6. If you use Facebook and you want to use Messenger app, simply click the Message button. It will redirect you to the Messenger app. What if you don’t have any Messenger app? Then you either install it or you send it through email or other messaging apps.
  7. Once your Messenger app is open, paste the link.
  8. Then, send it!
  9. Once your friend (person 2) accepts the message, they will see it as a tappable link. They can tap it to open the profile. And then send a friend request through Add Friend feature.


This profile link sending can also be done through a desktop or a PC. The mechanism is almost the same, but with a slightly different method. The first difference is that you will have to use a browser to open Facebook instead of a stand-alone app. The second difference also lies in the step 3. Instead of using the icon, you only need to highlight the web address.

So, after you open your Facebook account (remember, you will open it in one of the browsers), you open one of the profiles (meaning, person 1). Then, you only need to see the top side of the browser. Once person 1’s profile has been fully opened, the full address would be displayed on the top side of your browser. You only need to copy it. And for the rest of the steps, they are pretty much the same. So, it is not difficult at all, really. You just have to be thorough and careful.

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Through Group Message

If you are using a tablet or a phone, you need to access the Facebook Messenger app. If you don’t have it, then install it. This method requires the app. Without it, this method won’t work at all.

The Messenger app has this nice white and blue icon with chat bubble and a lightning bolt within it. You should be able to find it within the app drawer or on the Facebook’s home screen. Here are the steps on how to suggest friends on Facebook:

  1. Open your Messenger app
  2. Tap the icon for New Message
  3. Choose the two friends (person 1 and person 2). Whether you use the Search feature or you scroll down, you should be able to find them. On the top side of the messages, there is To field. Use it to add those two friends of yours.
  4. Once you have added them, you can start typing. The message should be about introducing them.
  5. Then send the message. It will appear as a group message. Any message that you make as well as your two friends’ make will be delivered there – and shown to all members within the group.
  6. Should you stay or leave? This one is up to you. If you don’t want to be a part of their conversation, that’s okay. If you want to stay, that’s also fine. But in case you don’t want to be the third wheel, you can always leave. Just click on the top side where there are names (of the people within the group) and choose Leave Group (for Android devices) or Leave Chat (for iPad or iPhone devices).


What if you want to use Group Message on the PC or desktop? Everything is pretty much the same. The only difference is that you are using a browser, not a stand-alone app. If you open Facebook from a browser, there is automatically an icon for Messenger app on the home screen. Just click on it and your Messenger would open. The remaining steps would be the same.

Keep in mind, though, that using Messenger app and Messenger on the browser would be different. With the app, you are within the app. It has its own setting, look, and design on its own. However, when you are using the Messenger on the browser-type Facebook, you can only see the chat window. Basically, both of them have different setting and environments, but when it comes to functionality, they are just the same.

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Final Words

Now that you already know how to suggest friends on Facebook after the feature is gone, there shouldn’t be any more problems concerning the usage or function.  Some people say that the new arrangement is more troublesome and complicated, but it’s not completely true. As long as you know how to suggest friends on Facebook with different methods, you really have nothing to worry about.

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